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Life transformation

"For am not ashamed of the Gospel: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth ; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek" Romans 1:16

Dora-Michelle is one of the believers who are following the First Principles training at our partner church, Messianic Souls Healing Church of CARAMA- Bujumbura.

When Dora-Michelle went at church, as she said, she had not yet heard the Good News of Christ. Since her early age, she was fond of the music. She therefore went at church because she was expecting to find there a well arranged music. This what was her great motivation.


Arrived at church, Dora-Michel liked the Music so much and went forwards until she became one of the choir members. Until that time, she knew nothing about the Good News. Her only one target was to be a famous singer, which would make her feel satisfied.


After few months, the class on the first principles started at her church and, reluctantly, she enrolled to take part in it. When she started to study the first principles, Dora-Michelle was challenged by the first booklet entitled “Becoming a Disciple”. In its lessons, this booklet talks about the Good News. This is where Dora-Michelle realized that she was not Jesus’s disciple, that she needs to believe in the Good News of Christ to inherit the eternal life. From that time, she gave her life to Christ and she thanks the Lord that-through the first principles- her life has changed the direction. She is now happy of being a true Jesus’s disciple.


This is one of many stories of life transformation that is being operated in different churches which are using the first principles tool.



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