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Doing Good to those who hate us

Updated: Feb 1

Luke 6:27-36 NIV - “..., do good to those who hate you, · bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you,..

Mary is a Lady whose marriage is very though because of an alcoholic and irresponsible husband.


While doing the class on “enjoying your marriage” Mary understood that she had not done well in respecting her husband and raising her six children. She repented and began submitting to her husband because of Christ and not throwing her bitterness at her children. As an impact of her transformation, her daughter and son were attracted to know about her faith and the church she goes to. They later gave their lives to Christ and were baptized in our church.


When her husband got sick, Mary seized that opportunity to take care of him. Her husband could not believe what was going on for because was not expecting to be assisted the way he saw considering the way he treated his wife. He was touched by the behavior of her wife and promised to visit our church one day due to the transformation he observes in his family. We are so thankful to see the good news penetrating in families through the first principles.



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