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The Series 2 is almost done!

Antioch Africa's primary discipleship material is The First Principles series that church leaders use to equip their own leaders. We've been working with some church leaders from different regions of the country in the editing process to adapt the language to the congregations we're serving.

The translation team has been working hard to transalate the material from English to Kirundi, and will be considering these inputs to make the final version. The Second series will be available in the upcoming months.

Series 2 turns participants attention from the household of God––a local church––to indiviual households––the family. God's plan for husbands, wives, parents, and children is set in the context of the local church family.

The first series is already translated and printed and is being used by most of the partner churches who started classes.

The third series is already translated. The same process will be followed to make it available in the second trimester of this year.

Pray for the Translation Team and the Antioch Team for the editing work


Peace to you !



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