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Pacific NINGARUKIYE is one of the leaders who are following the first principles in Bukeye, Muramvya Province. During First principles’ classes, His mind changed while they were doing the booklet on “Envisioning Fruitful lifework”. Before starting the first principles, he thought that, as a Christian, he had only to pray and wait for God’s answer without doing anything. There was no need to value work, according to him. He was even not happy with his everyday work as a primary teacher. When they read 1 and 2

Thessalonians, his mind was enlightened and saw that the Bible is not silent about handiworks. He clearly understood that God has promised to bless the works of our hands. Then, beside his career, he started other income generating activities in the area, due to the light from the word of God through the first principles. Actually, he is grateful to God for his work and knows that through it, he will be able to help his family, his neighbors and will be able also to contribute in advancing the Gospel by giving to his church. This is a considerable shift in people’s mind in the country where Colonialism has abused our understanding of work. Many people used to think that work is a curse. Thanks to the first principles, people's mind is changing.



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