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Stories from 'Batwa' church

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

The Power of Songs

Source of Healing Church is one of our partner churches in Karusi, which is mainly made of Batwa people. The majority of Batwa can neither read nor write, yet they naturally follow the First Principles classes because they easily learn orally. Oh! How sweet is their traditional beat! They composed two songs: one on the Kerygma (the Gospel), another one on the Didache (the Apostle's teaching). These songs became the main tool in the training of the whole church on doctrinal basics. They wish to record these songs to impact with the faith deposit their community but also the whole province, and why not the whole country?!

Your Word is a lamp...

YOTAMU Renovat is a faithful member of the Batwa Church and one of the Elders. Since his conversion in 2015, he has not been able to afford a Bible and has made few efforts to get one. After he followed the Leader's Guide booklet during church elders classes, then he understood the need for owning a Bible. From that time he prayed that the Lord would bless his farm so that he might finally be able to buy a bible.

God heard and answered Renovat's prayer. Now he has his own Bible, and he easily follows the 'Becoming a Disciple' booklet. His family and those around him now call him "Pastor," because they realize that he is a determined disciple of Christ.

The Batwa church of Bugenyuzi still has several things to overcome: the lack of bibles remains a serious challenge as they are trying to follow the first principles classes that have been launched in their church. They desperately need 30 Kirundi Bibles.

Having Nothing, and yet Possessing Everything !

Elders team of the Batwa church from Karusi follow the Becoming a disciple class. They are rich in God's eyes, but their conditions of life are extremely low! Please pray with us for the improvement of their living conditions; also pray for the cost of the first principles booklets; despite of their will and courage they are very poor.



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