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Rescued by the truth!

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

Egide NTAKARUTIMANA is one of the believers in Grace Bible Church, Tenga Parish led by Pastor Jean Bosco ITERITEKA.

When he was about to finish his secondary studies, Egide met a group of false teachers and left his sound doctrine to embrace the new false doctrine. After integrating that group of false teachers, Egide was prepared to be one of the leaders of the movement. That movement preached that the Bible is not the word of God and some of the members teared their bibles. They said they want to write their own Bible. Beside this, the movement preached that they cannot sin or die. They even went further by confirm that there is no heaven. Egide became the preacher of all those lies and managed to plant a church in one of the provinces of Burundi.

Though he was playing the pastor, Egide agrees that he had a bad relationship with his wife. As he says, he was heading to polygamy as all his elder brothers had more than one wife. This is where the first principles found him via a certain brother who was doing the teachings. When Egide went to do the first principles, the word of God enlightened him and realized that he was in a way to hell. He first of all repented of all the sins he committed by preaching the false teachings and decided to leave the movement. He understood really what is the good news, the baptism and got a real image of the church. He went on the teachings and is now one of the facilitators of classes of the first principles.

Through the teachings, Egide says he has been touched by the booklet entitled “Enjoying your relationship”. By this booklet that talks about family issues, Egide has been helped to walk by the biblical principles he learnt and enjoys now a good relationship with his wife. Thanks to Antioch school, Egide’s life has been saved since he decided to come back to the sound doctrine fetched from the Bible. His family also has been saved and he has now a clear image of the church and the ministry.



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