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Leaders and Risk Taking

Updated: May 10, 2023

Vincent NIJIMBERE is pastoring a partner church in the south of Bujumbura. When he attended a church leader's cohort of Antioch school, he realized how far his church has gone from the way of Christ for his church. He made a risky decision to review the whole church organization. He quickly launched Antioch classes in his church. During the graduation of the first laureates, he said to the congregation "Adonai church is born today, we make a new start. None of us is supposed to ignore the way of Christ for his church".

While he was teaching more and more disciples on one side, others - mostly big donors - were leaving the church because they felt guilty about the teachings of the sound doctrine. He struggled to manage finance during the paradigm shift. Antioch mission Fund encouraged him with the

support of six months' rent of the church hall.

Today, Adonai Holy church is a model church in the city of KANYOSHA with more than 200 faithful disciples. Pastor Vincent and his team are planning to plant 3 churches in the 5 next years. They are open to other church leaders in the neighborhood for a modeling ministry.

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