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Happily shocked!

Grace Bible Church is a partner church of Antioch Foundation. A newly planted church by a graduate of Ecole d'Antioche in the far North of Bujumbura. In a few months of planting, this church is already making an impact in its community: A multiplication of Christ's disciples who give a remarkable testimony in the community, pastors from surrounding churches come to this church for training and coaching.

Dr. Euloge is a disciple of Christ at Grace Bible Church. He describes how he underwent a paradigm shift:

Like many Burundian husbands, I use to believe that household chores, especially education of children, are the main task of mothers. I was happily shocked by the opposite in the holy scriptures during our Antioch class at church while studying Ephesians 5;22 - 6:9.
Since that day my understanding of my role as a Christian husband has changed. Today my wife is happy as if she was married yesterday... she would tell more"



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