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Graduation is loading...

Church leaders have been working hard with the 'Leaders and the Early Church' bundle, the last of the 4 basic bundles from the Leadership Series. After these 18 months of reading, writing and praying, church leaders and the Antioch Team will celebrate very soon this incredible cohort of hard-working pastors ... hope of the church of Burundi !

Antioch Africa has already graduated two cohorts of church leaders from different regions of the country and several churches from other african countries: D.R.C, Angola, Malawi.

A church in Kigali/Rwanda - World Harvest Church, has started training leaders using our material,and some churches in Uganda are willing to join Antioch Africa School through Kigali.

We beilive in the mission of the Church of transfroming Socities and we stand for it to serve african churches to transform their socities and reachout the whole world.



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