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A new life in Jesus Christ

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:[a] The old has gone, the new is here!

2 Corinthians 5:17, NIV

Damien BASHIRAHISHIZE is one of the believers in Adonai Holy Church led by Pastor Vincent NIJIMBERE. Before coming to Christ, Damien was known as a drunkard person, drug consumer and seller in his neighborhood. Those who wanted to supply themselves with drugs were oriented to Damien.

After many years in that life, Damien heard the good news of Christ and later believed and received Jesus Christ as his King and Savior.

He then started his journey as a Christian with others in his church. As there was not a teaching program to strengthen believers in faith in that church, Damien started progressively going back in his former behaviors though he had even manifested his will to serve the Lord. He was a choir member in the church. Things therefore went bad until he started to mix both serving the lord and living in his former habits without any culpability. This was a terrible situation because, not only he was not growing in faith, he was also giving a bad image of Christians to the non-believers. He was not testifying for Christ.

After a certain period, Damien came to know Adonai Holy church, one of our partner churches in Bujumbura. He went and found there the teaching program on the first principles of the Christian faith. Curiously and Damien started the teachings. When he went through the teachings on the first booklet that talks about becoming a disciple, in its lessons on the good news, the baptism, Damien realized that he was not following Christ as a believer. He repented then of all his bad habits and started a journey of becoming a true disciple of Christ. When we met him, he was very glad and thankful to the Lord for revealing himself to him through the first principles, bible-based teachings. Actually, Damien is one of the facilitators of first principles’ classes in Adonai Holy church. His transformation is being a testimony in his neighborhood, especially that he was badly known before being transformed. Some of his friends are coming to Christ thanks to his testimony.



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