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Ecole d'Antioche. It exists to establish indigenous pastors in their local context. Most Africans leave their churches and families to go get trained and then return with ideas and practices that are not culturally appropriate to their context, their absence undermines their family relationships, or their best leaders have left to attend other churches while they are away. The last major hurdle is also affordability. Ecole d'Antioche solves these problems by using church-based theological training in context to train leaders and members of the churches.

Ecole d'Antioche is running in 38 partner churches in Burundi and Congo. Ecole d'Antioche has trained over 1500 students in their own churches and graduated many church leaders around the country and the region (Congo, Angola, Malawi, and Rwanda). Through Ecole d'Antioche, Antioch Foundation serves to see a church planting movement with a mission DNA, in Burundi, Africa, and beyond.

Global University training Center. The training is followed also by church leaders and ministers of the Gospel. It helps students to be more familiar with the scriptures and gives them a chance to earn a BA degree from a renowned University in the USA. o


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The First Principles Series is a set of 13, six-session Bible study guides for use by church leaders and mature Christians to establish believers and churches in the faith, sort of a 21st century catechism. Rather than a typical information-based, fill-in-the-blank approach, the series employs a highly effective learning process involving Bible passages and readings, community dialogue, personal reflection, and projects. Teaching core principles of Christ and His Apostles, this series guides participants in becoming firmly established in their faith.

Jean Bosco, Pastor

" The First Principles tought me through 1Timothy 3, that if I am willing to lead a local church - a family of families, I need to succeed as a husband and father "

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Sandra, Parent

 "Before studying the First Principles, I thought that the christian education of our children is a responsibility of the church. Now, I understand that it's a responsibility of parents first and the church comes only to support "

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