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Antioch Foundation Burundi started with informal coaching and fellowship of pastors' small groups and has developed into a committed organization that envisions mature and strategic churches planted in Burundi and beyond. It all began in 2012 during a conference in the province of NGOZI when Onesphore felt God leading him to step down from the leadership of a Christian organization he founded and to move into Church edification.


In 2014-2015, a huddle of 6 pastors began to meet often to share their lives and ministry challenges over coffee. This grew into Transforming Burundi Network (TB net) in 2016—an initiative aiming to train and coach church leaders and to do health assessment for their churches.


TB net became Antioch School in 2018 as a program mainly focusing on training church leaders. Now, with more than 200 church leaders trained so far, Antioch School has become Foundation - Antioch Foundation Burundi, to host many initiatives aiming to catalyze mature and strategic churches with a mission DNA.